Neurodiversity in the workplace


Neurodiversity in the

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Neurodiversity in the workplace

Do-IT has launched an exciting new e-learning series of Neurodiversity Training packages, accessible and affordable to everyone and every type of working environment.

These programs are aimed at anybody who is concerned with neurodiversity but in particular, this pack is aimed at line managers, those working in HR and in Diversity and Inclusion.

Once you have completed the modules, you will be able to download a CPD certificate.

The use of video-based tutorials with additional resources provides essential learning, accessible online, and through your phones at a pace to suit you.

Neurodiversity in the workplace - Q & A

Who is e-Learning pack for?

This training is aimed at HR, Diversity and Inclusion managers, supervisors, and line managers interested in the wellbeing of all their workforce.

So why should I use this?

These training modules will help provide a basic understanding of neurodiversity and take you through the potential stages to consider from hiring to retaining neurodiverse talent. It provides some initial guidance to aid the development of policies and protocols.

What is included?

This course is for anyone in education and employment and includes information relating to:

The Neurodiversity and Inclusion modules include:

  • Neuro-inclusive hiring
  • Disclosure/Sharing information:
  • Making reasonable adjustments
  • Managing communications in your team and ensuring accessibility
  • Creating neurodiversity networks

You also have the  Embracing Neurodiversity pack with the following content:

Why is Neurodiversity important?

  • Why is Neurodiversity important?
  • Why is it good for business?
  • What other terms are used?
  • What conditions are associated with it?

Neurodiversity in the workplace – customers and employees

  • Being inclusive
  • Environmental
  • Communication
  • Attitude and Culture

The pack also includes resources you can download.

How long will it take?

The modules are designed to be bite-size, to be completed during breaks in your day rather than all at once. Each lasts between 5 and 15 minutes.

How long is each lesson?

The lessons are designed to be bite size, to be completed during breaks in your day rather than all at once. Each lasts between 5 and 15 minutes.

Do I need a computer to access the training?

‘Neurodiversity in the Workplace’ can be accessed via a computer but we hope to launch an app as an alternative at the end of May 2020. Watch the website for details.

Do I need specific software?

The courses can be accessed via the browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Is there an assessment?

Yes, there are questions with multiple choice answers at the end of each lesson to help improve your learning.

Can the training be used as CPD?

Yes, you will receive a report which may be presented as evidence for CPD.

Is the training accessible?

The materials have been designed to accommodate the neurodivergent, and includes voicing of all questions and answered, subtitles (also for using in public without headphones) text associated with the images and subtitles.

What if I have neurodiversity issues?

The course will not only help you understand your issues but also provide guidance that can be applied in the workplace. The course has been designed to be accessible and neuroinclusive.

Who is delivering the courses?

The course has been developed in collaboration with a team of experts headed by Professor Amanda Kirby who is also the presenter. She has more than 25 years of experience working in the field of neurodiversity. She is widely published and has both research and clinical practice as well as a personal interest. She has trained more than 100,000 people worldwide.

Do I have to complete all the lessons in one go?

No, the licence is valid for 12 months after you have purchased it. So you can log in to complete the lessons anytime within the 12-month period.

I have a team of staff that I would like to complete this training, can I buy a block of licences?

Yes, licences can be purchased either individually for a team through our website: or bulk purchased by emailing

What about security?

The course is delivered through a secure site. Your details will not be shared with anybody, though we may contact you later about similar products.

What if I can’t answer the questions, can I get my money back?

This is to help you measure our own learning and you cannot fail the course.